After reading numerous PID threads, I decided to build one for my Lee 4-20 casting pot.

I re-used an old comp power supply & stripped it out,
all wires came from a stripped out washer machine
re-used the 120v (15a) female panel mount socket
installed a Link Depot (12a) 115V Fan (80mmx80mm) to to pull the heat out of the power supply,
installed in-line fuses (12a) for the power-in and out,
installed (120vac) Neon-red LED lamp assemblies for the power-in and out,
installed a 15a 4-position terminal block
installed a 1/16 PID Temp Controller (SYL-2352)
installed a 25a SSR
installed a K-type high-temp thermocoupler
installed a DPST rocker switch (15a)
installed 120v (15a) us panel socket.
I'm sure I forgot something...

I've included a pic of the schematic that I found on the site and modified (with a friend's help) for those that are interested.

terminal block schematic:

Final product:

Rear view:

Inside view toward rear the rear: Terminal block mounted to the inside-top of box, SSR , Fan

Inside view toward front: PID controller and rocker power switch

Now to plug in the Lee 4-20 and program the PID...

And Please, no negative comments from the peanut gallery